Mentorship & Volunteering


World Speaks is a non-profit organization. We rely on volunteer instructors and mentors to keep our programs running.



We are looking to add more languages to our books. If you speak a language fluently, have teaching experience, love the Omaha community, cultures, or diversity this position is for you! Instructors are will volunteers approximately 2- 4 hours weekly (depending on class level) to instruction. They will also be given materials (or create their own) to create lessons that are fun, interactive, and challenging for their students.



Want to share your culture with the city or help other people learn a language that you love? Come be a mentor! World Speaks is a bit different in its approach because we want our students to interact/practice with members of the community from the very beginning. The job of the mentor is to donate their time two to three times per month via interactions with our students. This may be practice with the target language, a mentor may help correct or strengthen fluency. Or a mentor may be asked to come and share a bit of their culture. The mentor works hand and hand with the classes' assigned instructor.

Not bilingual?

Not a problem! We have other volunteer opportunities for individuals who are inspired by the World Speaks mission.


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