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Illustration of a dark, brown-toned skin woman facing sideways wearing a teal hijab and a tan long-sleeve top. The background shows a globe in aquamarine and baby blue color.


Illustration of an open square box. The box is light blue on the outside and gray on the inside. Inside the box standing up in an angle and showing half of a dark blue color marker, a black colored pencil and a teal color pencil
Illustration of a white and light blue location icon over a rectangular map in white, light gray, light blue and teal


The Next Generation

Illustration of a light blue message bubble with three white dots in the foreground and an empty teal message bubble in the background, at the bottom left corner a light and dark blue globe with a dark blue moon orbiting. A light blue diamond shape is to the right-hand side of the globe and a slightly bigger one to the top left of the globe.

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