We are an organization that believes that language access is a basic right.

Illustration of a brown woman with one hand on one hip wearing a teal hijab, a tan long-sleeve top and a teal skirt looking up at a white man with short curly ginger hair wearing a green t-shirt and light blue pants standing next to her and smiling at her. Two light gray message bubbles on top of them, one showing a teal color message in Spanish and the other message in Japanese.

Our Vision

World Speaks envisions a world where the voiceless are heard, the marginalized are included, & the vulnerable are safe.

Our Mission

To address socioeconomic gaps and injustices through cultural education, inclusion initiatives, and advocacy services.

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Leah Whitney Chavez, a Black woman, is featured in this photograph. She is wearing a white shirt with long sleeves and is sitting at a teal-colored table. The foreground has pink and yellow flowers, and the background has colorful chairs, tables, and plants. Leah is smiling at the camera, and she has shoulder length curly black hair.

Leah Whitney Chavez– Executive Director & Founder

Leah Whitney Chavez is the Founder and Executive Director of World Speaks Omaha a non profit whose mission is to connect our city despite language barriers and the cultural differences that tend to separate communities. With a bachelor’s degree in Foreign Language and Literature in Spanish, she is bilingual and from an early age had an appreciation of latino culture. She is married to her husband Randy Chavez.

“I was born in Bellevue, Washington, and grew up surrounded by different cultures. I can remember that my group of friends included Chinese, Latino, Indian, Black, and White kids. We all lived in the same neighborhood and took the school bus together every day. I believe that as a nation we are blessed to have so many different people fill our borders. It’s our superpower. This is something to celebrate.”

Paulina Campos Guzman, a Latina woman, is featured in this portrait photograph. She is wearing a light gray sleeveless T-shirt, and black oversized oval shaped glasses. Paulina has shoulder length wavy dark brown hair and she is smiling at the camera. The outdoor background shows blue skies with cumulus clouds, a horizontal paved street with different shaped trees on the top side, and a grass area on the bottom side.

Paulina Campos Guzman - Programs Manager

Born and raised in Santiago de Chile, Paulina studied a bachelor’s degree in English linguistics and literature, holds different certificates to teach Spanish as a second language, and a certificate in community interpreting.  At a young age Paulina built a career in aviation working for different international airlines, traveling the world, living in different countries, learning other languages, creating connections, and experiencing life through different cultures. Paulina always had a passion for actively participating in the community working together with neighborhood groups and other nonprofits to address issues such as language access, food resources and education. Paulina joined the World Speaks team; first as an interpreter, translator, and Spanish instructor, and later on as The Programs Manager for the organization.

“Working with my community has awakened something so powerful and beautiful in me that I don’t see myself doing any other work. Meeting so many wonderful people and organizations with the same goal – to create change and make a difference – powers me to continue to fight for a more open and equitable society where everyone is represented and heard. I feel inspired and honored to be part of this incredible organization.”

Arturo Aceves Gonzalez is featured in this portrait photograph. He is wearing a blue & white striped collar shirt. Arturo has short wavy dark brown hair, and he is showing a closed-mouth smile. The background shows a bricked wall on the left and a dark painted wall with a round white letter phrase that reads “Welcome to the house of language” on the right.

Arturo Aceves González - Language Accessibility Manager

Arturo Aceves González, a proud native of Jalisco, Mexico, holds a medical degree from the distinguished Universidad de Guadalajara. He brings a wealth of experience to his current roles as the Language Accessibility Manager for World Speaks and as a dedicated Spanish Interpreter.

Armed with his medical background and language expertise, Arturo is on a mission to bridge gaps and facilitate connections between individuals and organizations, recognizing the crucial importance of this endeavor.

He firmly believes in the transformative power of connection and the necessity of cultivating trust among us all. Arturo’s unwavering commitment to promoting understanding in our ever-evolving world drives his work. In his own words, “There’s a meaningful change when you understand the world around you. Let’s work together to facilitate this.”


Cruz Cabrera - Linguistic Coordinator

Cruz Cabrera holds a Biology degree from UNO and a Master of Public Health from Creighton University. Her professional background includes work in the nonprofit, government and corporate sectors. She is currently the Linguistic Coordinator and a dedicated interpreter/translator at World Speaks. 
Born in California and raised in central Nebraska in a Guatemalan family, Cruz desires to serve the community by bridging differences across culture and language. “My passion is to help others. At World Speaks we are working with the community to help others in the most fundamental of ways, to communicate and understand each other.”
Randy Whitney Chavez is featured in this portrait photograph. He is wearing a blue collar shirt printed with white flowers and black square shaped glasses. Randy is showing a closed-mouth smile, he has a short Brett beard, a pencil mustache and long curly brown hair on a low ponytail style. The outdoor background is blurry in light and dark brown tones.

Randy Whitney Chavez - Communications Manager

Randy has a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design and a minor in advertising. He also specializes in branding. He is married to Leah Whitney.  He is behind the new creative direction of World Speaks. Born in L.A. and raised in Mexico he has his own immigrant story. Randy is fluent in the Spanish language and also interprets for our organization. 

“I believe in World Speaks’ mission. Diversity strengthens and enriches our schools, friend groups, organizations, and businesses. I am excited to tell this story through design.”


Dr. Melanie Bloom is featured in this portrait photograph. She is wearing a short-sleeved v-neck green top and black pants. Melanie has armpit-length curly blond hair and she is smiling at the camera. The background shows part of a brick-wall building with big white frame windows surrounded by gardens.

Dr. Melanie Bloom


 Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences – University of Nebraska at Omaha

Jasmine Elmore is featured in this portrait photograph, and prefers the pronouns “she, her, hers”. She is an African-American female with brown eyes and shoulder length black hair. Her body is standing sideways, and her face is turned to the direction of the camera. She is wearing a light and dark brown animal print shirt and a handbag which only shows the purse straps visible over her right shoulder. The background shows a white color brick wall and the bottom of a round metal wall decoration.

Jasmine Elmore

Vice President



Krystal Rider



Executive Director  – Do Space


Michelle Dugger is featured in this portrait photograph; she is wearing a round neck black top. Michelle has long brown straight hair and she is smiling at the camera. The background is plain cream color.

Michelle Dugger


Bilingual Clinical Therapist – Boys Town

Candy Zollicoffer is featured in this portrait photograph, she is wearing a round neck gray printed blouse with big red, brown, and white. She is smiling at the camera and has ear-length black curly hair.

Candy Zollicoffer


Executive Assistant – I Be Black Girl

A headshot of Hannah Michelle Bussa, a young white woman with curly brown hair. She is wearing a light green jacket and black shirt underneath. She is smiling through silver glasses. The background has a white wall with a grey cactus painted onto it.

Hannah Michelle Bussa


Community Consultant – Elevate Omaha


Anahí Salazar


Voices for Children – Policy Coordinator


Brian Torpy


FDMR, Inc – General Counsel

Advisory Board

Brittany Young – Cofounder and Chief Operations Officer – Start Center Omaha

Patti McAtee –  Director of Development – Project Control

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