Community Language Courses

These classes are offered  at no cost to the public. You along with other members of our great city, will have the opportunity to meet and practice with native speakers from the Omaha community! Donations are optional but appreciated. It is with your support that we are able to continually provide courses that are fun, challenging, and personal.

Upcoming Course: English as a Second Language 

Date: July 5th, 2022

Class Status: Open


Are you passionate about learning another language but your schedule just isn’t lining up with ours? Or do you work better with one on one instruction? Let us know. Our tutoring is offered at an affordable cost. We’d love to get you in touch with one of our instructors who will help you start your language journey.

Interpretation and Translation

Does your business or organization have a desire to be more inclusive of our diverse community? Whether the need is hosting an event or creating materials that are more accessible; we want to help you. Consultation on a project is free!

Languages Available

Spanish,  Karen, Burmese, Somali,

Mandarin, Cantonese, Russian, Italian,

French, Lingala , Portuguese, English,

Vietnamese, Arabic, German, Nepalese

Our Additional Services

Advocacy Services

World Speaks believes that every voice in our vast community deserves to be heard. We are currently partnering with other organizations and groups to ensure that they’re given a seat at the table. If you have an issue or have an interest in the advocacy work we do please contact us

Workshops, Business and School Programs

Whether you are reaching out on behalf of a school or business we create opportunities for increase in understanding of  language and culture. We want to bridge the gap between student and teacher, as well as, parent and teacher, volunteer to volunteer or business to client. We understand the barrier may be cultural or based in language.

Click the link below and send us note. We can’t wait to create a solution for you.¬†

World Speaks
attn: Leah Whitney
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Omaha, NE 68114