We impact our community through education, translation, interpreting, and sharing stories.

Illustration of a dark-toned brown skin man with his left hand touching his chin looking over a light-toned brown skin woman who has her body looking forward and her head turned back looking up at the man gesturing with her right hand and touching a laptop with her left hand. The man has short black curly hair and he is wearing a yellow shirt , light blue pants and his left wrist shows a round silver watch, he has oval shaped glasses. The woman is wearing a red sleeveless dress, she has shoulder length black hair.


Interpretation and Translation

Does your business or organization have a desire to be more inclusive of our diverse community? Whether the need is hosting an event or creating materials that are more accessible; we want to help you. Consultation on a project is free!

Languages Available
Spanish, Vietnamese, Karen, Cantonese, Somali, Burmese, Mandarin, Arabic, English, Italian, Portuguese, French, Lingala, Russian, Nepalese, and German

The photograph features World Speaks Language Accessibility Manager Arturo performing interpreting services at a conference. In the front frame Arturo is standing at the back of a room facing sideways to the camera looking towards a stage not visible in the frame. He is wearing a yellow shirt and black pants. A lanyard is visible around his neck as well as a headset over his head, he is holding a transmitter in his hands. In front of him are two rows of chairs with people sitting on them facing the stage not visible on the frame. On his right side is an aisle followed by four rows of chairs with people sitting on them facing the stage not visible on the frame. The wall at the back of the photograph is plain white, you can see a rectangular wall light on towards the front of the wall.
The photograph features one of World Speaks’ in-person community course lessons. The photograph is taken from the back of the class, World Speaks’ instructor Ginny is standing in front of the classroom gesturing with her hands as she teaches Spanish to a group of students sitting behind 3 rows of white rectangular tables. Next to Ginny a white board with concepts written by the instructor, part of a digital screen can be seen behind Ginny. The classroom has brick walls and two big rectangular windows on the left side.

Community Language Courses

These classes are offered at no cost to the public. You along with other members of our great city, will have the opportunity to meet and practice with native speakers from the Omaha community! Donations are optional but appreciated. It is with your support that we are able to continually provide courses that are fun, challenging, and personal.


Are you passionate about learning another language but your schedule just isn’t lining up with ours? Or do you work better with one on one instruction? Let us know. Our tutoring is offered at an affordable cost. We’d love to get you in touch with one of our instructors who will help you start your language journey.

A photograph taken from the top shows a brown man with a long stubble beard, he is wearing a pink and green striped shirt and he is holding a pencil on top of a written paper sheet looking at a white woman with long black hair wearing a black t-shirt. The woman is looking at the man and she is holding her body by placing her hands over a tartar plaid green, yellow and blue blanket on the ground.

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