The Open Doors Initiative

The Open Doors pilot program will be released in two phases. The first phase is currently underway and will be in partnership with affordable housing adjacent nonprofits who desire to increase their language access. The second phase will be launched Summer of 2024 to provide services to  members of our community who do not speak English as a first language for access to no-cost interpreting and translation services related to affordable housing related needs. This may mean contacting property owners, translating notices, providing an interpreter for a housing related appointment, etc.

In the first year, we are serving members of our community who speak Spanish, Arabic, and Burmese. 

World Speaks is not an affordable housing or legal agency. We cannot provide any legal assistance or give legal advice. We do not have affordable housing resources or properties available.

Request Open Doors Services


Welcome to Open Doors! If you represent a nonprofit organization, housing provider, or community service entity in need of specialized translation and interpretation services for housing-related issues, we are here to assist you. Click the “Request Services” button below to initiate your request. Our dedicated team is ready to collaborate with you to provide essential language support for housing-related matters within the community.


If you are a tenant, homeowner, or an individual seeking translation and interpretation services specifically for housing-related issues, we are here for you. Click the “Request Services” button to access our programs tailored to meet your language-related needs in the context of housing. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you on your journey to a more secure and connected living experience through specialized language accessibility services. Let’s open doors to brighter possibilities together!

Launching Summer 2024


Members of our community who speak Spanish, Arabic, and Burmese, property owners, and organizations who serve groups who speak these languages.

World Speaks is NOT an affordable housing agency. We can provide language assistance to help you contact an agency, but we do not have any housing resources available.

Contact Arturo at +1 (402) 237-8737 or by email at

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