Whether through financial contribution, volunteering, or getting the word out your support is appreciated.

A light blue square with four arms, one from each corner representing different color skin, joining together in the middle holding pieces of the white World Speaks’ logo and piecing it together as they join in the center



We are looking to add more languages to our books. If you speak a language fluently, have teaching experience, love the Omaha community, cultures, and diversity this position is for you!

A young Asian woman with long black straight hair on the top and green ends wearing oval glasses and a tartar plaid black and red wool shirt. She is smiling to the camera, in the background a white board with faded words inside rectangles.
A Black woman seated at a table holding a pen on her right hand listening to an asian elder man seated next to her pointing at something on her notebook. She is wearing a brown top and a black jacket, he is wearing a white polo. The background is a room with white walls, two women are standing and talking, their faces are not visible. There is a flower base on the bottom corner on top of the table.

Mentors/Native Speakers

If you like to help others learn a language close to your heart, enjoy sharing your life story, and love the Omaha community, cultures, and diversity, become a mentor/native speaker for World Speaks! You will have the opportunity to interact with students, help them practice, offer advice, motivate them, and answer their questions to help them in their language journey.

Not bilingual?

Not a problem! We have other volunteer opportunities for individuals who are inspired by the World Speaks mission.

Two World Speaks' volunteers and The Executive Director Leah standing next to each other wearing World Speaks’ merchandise (hats and t-shirts) smiling at the camera behind gray chairs at an event. The background is an outdoor event at a local stadium.

Other ways


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